Apr 22

Apr 18

Now that we have your attention with this picture of a delicious treat, we'd like to invite you to join us at Fuzzy's Taco Shop this Sunday, the 23rd, from 6pm-9pm. With a $5 donation, you will get this classic American dessert, the knowledge that you are helping the Jayhawks have a successful trip to New Zealand, and maybe a high five and a cheap laugh or two. All proceeds will go directly towards team costs for our upcoming tour of New Zealand. The boys wholeheartedly appreciate the support from our community, and alumni alike. We look forward to seeing you there!

Apr 15

Jayhawks Fall to Kansas City Rugby Club 38-7
Saturday April 15 at Westwick

KU was down 14-7 at half. Their lone score was by scrum half JOE CONNOR. At the 16 minute, the ball was kicked down near Kansas City's goal. The Jayhawks won the line out and controlled it through several attacking phases. When a penalty kick was awarded KU on the 5, Connor did a quick toe and dashed for the try mid right of post. Fullback AJ LAROCCA. was good for the extra points.

The score got out of hand in the second half when Kansas City has a stiff 15 mph wind to their back.

Apr 5

Jayhawks Fall to K-State 34-12
April 1, 2017 @ Manhattan, KS

The Jayhawks played the Wildcats at Kansas State last Saturday. The match was held in the newly artificial turfed stadium, which was a great surface, but lined for several sports which took a little off the rugby game. It was in the high 40’s with very little wind. 75-100 were in the stands.

First 10 minutes – Jayhawks won the majority of ball possession and were inside the Wildcats’ 22, but could not manage a score.

Next 10 minutes – Wildcats managed a role reversal and had the ball inside the Jayhawks’ 22. Still no score.

Next 15 minutes – The ball went back and forth the length of the pitch several times. Wildcats were aided by being awarded 6 penalty kicks which assured them good field position. The Wildcats scored a try at the end of the first half, but failed on the conversion kick.

Halftime Score 5-0 Kansas State

First minutes of half – Jayhawks awarded a penalty kick 40 meters out and kicked to touch on the Wildcats’ 5 meter line. Jayhawks hooker NEIL McCARTHY threw a terrific ball into the lineout where it was caught by JIM DIRKER who was launched by props SPENCER BIRD and DAVID NOBLE. Dirker fed the ball to English exchange student BARCLEY WEST playing lock. BARCLEY WEST crashed in for the try in the corner. AJ LaROCCA missed on a tough kick attempt from the sideline. SCORE 5-5 TIE.

10 minutes – The Wildcats managed the ball for 6 attacking phases off rucks to finally score under the posts. Kick was easy. SCORE 12-5 Kansas State

15 minutes – Jayhawks awarded a penalty kick 25 meters from Wildcats’ goal and fed the ball through the backs to inside center and Jayhawks captain JACK DIENST who scored under the posts. LaROCCA’s kick was good. SCORE 12-12 TIE

Next 10 minutes – Wildcats controlled the ball and attacked. The Jayhawks’ defense kept the Wildcats from scoring.

26 minutes – The Wildcats picked off a Jayhawk ball and scored in the corner. Conversion kick was wide. SCORE 17-12 Kansas State

35 minutes – Wildcats awarded a penalty kick close enough to the Jayhawks posts to go for 3. The kick was good. SCORE 20-12 Kansas State

In the last 5 minutes of the game, the Wildcats scored 2 more trys, converting both. SCORE 34-12 Kansas State.

This was a game that was closer than its ending score. A few improvements in some areas could have changed the outcome.

If you are interested in the roots of the spirited rugby rivalry between KU & K-State, look at the Facebook post of the Pre-Season Newsletter and open Issue # 4 and read pages 22-25 which cover the first games between the Jayhawks and the Wildcats. - They were some wild times.

Mar 12

Mar 12

Kansas Dominates Over Nebraska 50-14 in Snowy Merit Table Match
@ Westwick - Saturday - March 11, 2017

Heavy snow started falling 2 hours before the match and the temperature was right at the freeze point. The snow only began to accumulate as the game went underway. The wind was blowing a light 7 mph out of the NE corner of the pitch and the Jayhawks had that wind to their backs in the opening half.

Although a cold, wet day, this game was a pleasure to watch. The Jayhawks were clearly “up”. They showed up with enough players for more than 2 sides, although there was only the single Merit Table Match scheduled. Nebraska traveled with a team of over 20 players as well.

The cold & wet conditions would make this a day that would test the forwards and the Jayhawks picked a bruiser line up as starters. It was what has become their more usual front row of SPENCER BIRD, NEIL MCCARTHY and DAVID NOBLE, but at lock they inserted JEFF SCHUMAN and his body-double BARCLEY WEST. That meant they had at prop and lock 4 very sturdy players for the scrum downs and bulldozer runs on the loose. – In the last meeting in Nebraska, the Huskers had won and used bigger players on the Jayhawks.

6 minutes – After the Huskers’ kickoff failed to go 10 and a few miscue stoppages of play, the Jayhawks got on the scoreboard. The ball was at midfield and quickly was moved through the backfield all the way to the wing for a score in the left corner. Touches were by scrumhalf JASON FU, flyhalf SAM TANNER, inside center JACK DIENST, outside center ARNOLD DINH and the rookie wing MARK McCLOWSKY. The movement went so well, Dinh was able to actually pause and throw a soft pass to the supporting McClowsky for the easy score.– Its strategically important to show you can pass the width of the field in the initial minutes of a game, because it makes the other team bite on stunts you run later. – AJ LAROCCA’s conversion was wide. - SCORE 5-0 Jayhawks

10 minutes – Jayhawks captain and inside center JACK DIENST raced for a score under the posts. LAROCCA made the easy shot. – SCORE 12-0 Jayhawks

12 minutes – Jayhawks loosehead prop SPENCER BIRD followed a driving run by BARCLEY WEST with another and BIRD scored mid-right of the posts. LAROCCA good. – SCORE 19-0 Jayhawks

25 minutes – Jayhawks 30 meters out on right side of pitch. The ball was worked left to JACK DIENST who crossed the goal on left side, but downed ball by the left post. (Dienst’s 2nd score of match) LAROCCA good – SCORE 26-0 Jayhawks

36 minutes – In a laps of concentration, the Jayhawks interior backfield was picked off at midfield and the trailing Jayhawks wing and fullback weren’t in position to catch the Husker who scored through the posts. – SCORE 26-7 Jayhawks

38 minutes – Jayhawks wing JIM DIRKER was running with the ball along the right sideline 15 meters out. As he was about to be corralled by Huskers, he kicked the ball into goal. The ball took an odd bounce to the right to rest in the right rear corner. Dirker was able to make that swerve to the right and beat the pursuing Huskers with a wet snow-dive onto the ball for a try. Kick was wide. – SCORE 31-7 Jayhawks


5 minutes – Jayhawks awarded a scrumdown 5 meters from the Nebraska goal in the middle of field. The Jayhawks won the hook and kept the ball under the scrum’s feet. The Kansas forwards pushed the Nebraska team backwards across the goal line, where the Jayhawks senior #8 DANIEL BUESCHER dropped onto the ball for the try. Kick was good. – SCORE 38-7 Jayhawks

14 minutes – Nebraska punted down to the Jayhawks goal line and were quickly awarded a penalty kick 10 meters out. They fed their forwards, but the Jayhawks ripped the ball away in the maul and the Jayhawks kicked to touch up field.

15 minutes – A Husker prop broke free at midfield and was able to get past the Jayhawks deep wing and fullback for a score at the left post. The kick was good – SCORE 38-14 Jayhawks

30 minutes – Jayhawks had a lineout on right side of field 20 meters from the Nebraska goal. The Jayhawks won the ball and turned the lineout to a maul. Then BARCLEY WEST emerged with the ball and broke for the goal near the posts. West was stopped, but his fellow lock JEFF SCHUMAN continued the driving attack to score under the posts. DIENST made the conversion kick. – SCORE 45-14 Jayhawks

35 minutes – Jayhawks were again swarming the Nebraska goal. Prop SPENCER BIRD bulled in to score (his 2nd try of the day), downing the ball mid-left of the posts. Kick was wide. – SCORE 50-14 Jayhawks

Full Time

Commentary – It’s a testimony to this club that on a sloppy, cold day that they can muster 50 points of offense. It’s hard to handle the ball. Controlling the time of possession is a key and the Jayhawks controlled the ball for most of the game accept for a stretch mid-way in the 2nd half. There was a Facebook post earlier in the week about a 1970 snow game. You guys rallied to play some hardnosed ball on a miserable day. You did the jersey proud.

Mar 11

Jayhawks prevail over Nebraska 50-14 in Merit Table Match @ Westwick in Snowy Conditions

Ball control in the forwards and consistent backfield play allow KU to dominate most possession time.

Full game summary and photos tomorrow.

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047

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