May 19

Day Two at Swope! #recruiting. #nationals

May 19

May 18

Setting up shop at the High School Nationals at Swope Park! #recruiting

May 7

May 7

David Marr's trys.
For his folks who missed the game. - Good stuff

May 7

Jayhawks rally to beat the KC Blues 34-31
Alumni Weekend May 6, 2017 @ Westwick

The Jayhawks previously scheduled game with the Wichita Barbarians this weekend was scratched because rain delays changed Wichita’s matches into the national playoffs. The KC Blues coincidentally had an open weekend and sent their Division 2 side to Lawrence as a fill in. It was a sunny 75 degree day with no wind. The Jayhawks had a nice crowd because of their Alumni Weekend.

In the early minutes of the match, the Jayhawks were awarded a penalty kick 10 meters from the Blues goal line. As the Jayhawks bunched their forwards for a play, scrum half JASON FU accidentally toed the ball. The Blues noticed the ball’s movement and jumped to swarm Fu. The ball was grabbed, but knocked by the Blues into the hands of Jayhawk outside center ARNOLD DINH, who is the last person an opponent wants to see carry the ball. Dinh pushed through the crowd and scored thru the uprights on the busted play. The easy conversion was made by wing JACK YOUNG. – SCORE 7-0 Jayhawks

A few minutes later, the Jayhawks were awarded another penalty kick about 15 meters from the Blues goal. The ball was toed and fed to the backs. After one phase, Jayhawks #8 DANIEL BUESCHER ran through players for a try mid right of the posts. YOUNG’s attempt was wide. – SCORE 12-0 Jayhawks

The Blues took a midfield penalty kick and punted to the Jayhawks 5 meter line. The Blues won that line out. The ball came out to the middle of the field. The Blues got the ball from a ruck and scored next to the left upright. Easy conversion kick. – SCORE 12-7 Jayhawks

The Jayhawks were awarded a penalty kick 15 meters from the Blues goal and directly in front of the uprights. JACK YOUNG successfully went for 3. – SCORE 15-7 Jayhawks

The Blues then started a surge of scoring late in the half. They were awarded a penalty kick in the middle of the field, toed the ball and passed it through several players for a try mid right of posts. The Blues made a drop kick for the conversion. – SCORE 15-14 Jayhawks

On the start of play kickoff, the Blues worked the ball to the center of the field and cut back for a try in the right corner. They missed the difficult attempt. – SCORE 15-19 Blues take lead.

The next kickoff went out of bounds. The Blues asked for a midfield scrum, which they won. The ball was taken down the left sideline for a try in the left corner. This difficult conversion attempt was also wide. – SCORE 15-24 Blues

In the closing minutes of the half the Jayhawks were attacking on the Blues goal when the ball went out of bounds.


At the beginning of the second half, the Jayhawks worked down to the Blues goal and ran several attacking phases until their big tight head prop DAVID NOBLE blasted through a pile for a try just right of the posts. YOUNG had an easy kick. – SCORE 22-24 Blues

There was a scrum in the middle of the field and the ball squirted out the back of the Blues side of it. The Blues fly hacked kicked the ball towards the Jayhawks and it went to the hands of DAVID MARR who had shifted from wing to outside center at half. Marr’s run swerved towards the left sideline and then he ran a good 40 meters down the sideline to score a try in the left corner. The difficult kick was wide. – SCORE 27-24 Jayhawks regain lead.

The Blues had a scrum 22 meters from their own goal. They won the ball and fed to their backs, who kicked a dribbler ahead along the ground…only the ball went to the hands of DAVID MARR at midfield. Marr ran for a try by the right post. YOUNG had an easy shot. – SCORE 34-24 Jayhawks

As time was running down, the Blues won a 5 meter scrum near the Jayhawks goal and scored a try mid left of the posts. Kick was good. – SCORE 34-31 Jayhawks

The Jayhawks then controlled the ball and field position for the remaining moments of the match.

The Jayhawks next game will be in a few weeks in NEW ZEALAND. They have gone on an international tour in every odd numbered year since 1977. (That’s a 40 year tradition)

May 7

The First Alumni Opponents

The very first Jayhawk Alumni Game was in 1974, when I was playing for the club. I was living in a house with teammate RICK WHITSON, who had played on the team in its very first years and he organized that first game. He knew how to find many of the players who had passed through the club since its 1964 founding.

One player who stood out in Whitson’s narrative about the players from the past, was a prop named AUGUST “Auggie” JOHN LAROCCA. That’s current player AJ LAROCCA’s grandfather and former player TONY LAROCCA’s dad. – John LaRocca was a beast. - He was 5’10” tall and an extremely muscular 275 lbs. He had come to the KU Rugby Club after playing guard on the football team. He looked exactly like his last name.

We played the first alumni game on the field west of Oliver Hall. On that spring day back in 1974, the oldest of the “old boy” alumni were then less than 32 years old. They could all still run and were eager to take on the current Jayhawk side.

Both the student and alumni teams were in their uniforms, warming up on the pitch. I was the club’s loose head prop. Whitson called me over where he was talking to John LaRocca. He introduced me to him and rubbed it in that LaRocca was a tight head prop and we would be playing directly against each other. LaRocca said “Oh, don’t believe everything you’ve heard about me.” – To give him a hard time, I put my finger in his big chest, smiled, and said “I don’t”.

It took LaRocca about 5 minutes into the game to find me holding the ball and knock the hell out of me. He was chuckling as he got up off my pancaked body.

Here we are 43 years later. – Good to see you John!

Steve Lange

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047

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