Oct 19, 2019

High-Pressure Jayhawks beat Iowa Hawkeyes 34-0 @Iowa City

The previously undefeated Hawkeyes played in a steady, light rain. The Jayhawks were all over them defensively, as they tried to move the ball. The majority of the game played at Iowa's end of the pitch.

The players dedicated today's game to teammate LEVI BUCKLAND's family.

4 minutes - KU #10 CHANDLER OWENS scored off a ruck 10 meters out, downing ball by right post. #15 SAM GASPAROVICH was wide. SCORE 5-0 KU

30 minutes - KU's OWENS scored his 2nd by intercepting a pass 22 meters out and dashing for score between the posts. SAM was good. SCORE 12-0 KU

39 minutes - KU had several penalty kicks 10 meters from Iowa's goal, but couldn't score. So on the next penalty, SAM successfully went for a field goal to get points before the half expired. SCORE 15-0 KU


20 minutes - KU's SAM GASPAROVICH did a quick toe of the ball on a penalty kick 22 meters out from Iowa's goal. He ducked and weaved through traffic down to the goal line. #7 BLAKE MITTON (captain) cleaned up a ruck and dove in for score by right post. SAM's kick was wide. SCORE 20-0 KU

35 minutes - Iowa player ejected from game on red card for hitting CHANDLER OWENS late after a kick. Iowa played a man short remainder of game.

38 minutes - Iowa had their ball in a scrum on their own 5 meter line. KU pushed Iowa off their own scrum. KU #8 ISAAC SCHMIDT picked up ball from his feet, went left of scrum and scored mid right. SAM was good. SCORE 27-0 KU

39 minutes - KU #12 TOM OLIVER fed ball 30 meters out, broke a tackle and streaked for score by right post. SAM good. SCORE 34-0 KU


So Kansas remains undefeated in league play, getting 4 match points for the win and a bonus point for scoring 4 or more tries.

Next Saturday the Jayhawks will be at home to play Missouri. It will also be a PARENTS WEEKEND. - Much to see and do.

Come out and see this fall's Jayhawks, they are terrific.

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047 --- Mail to: The Kansas Rugby Foundation Inc. P.O. Box 1182 Lawrence, KS 66044
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