Oct 26, 2019

Jayhawks Beat Missouri 41-10 in front of Parents Day Crowd @ Westwick.

Weather was ideal 60 degrees and no wind. The Jayhawks celebrated a full weekend of Parents Day events and were a perfect background for game.

5 minutes - Missouri got on board first, off penalty kick in front of posts, for a Jayhawk high tackle. Score 0-3 Missouri

7 minutes - Jayhawks responded with a try. #9 HARRY RICHARDSON pulled a ball from ruck 30 meters out, broke a tackle and streaked for score by left post. #10 SAM GASPAROVICH was good. SCORE 7-3 Kansas

13 minutes - Jayhawks scored again. #3 IAN O'LAUGHLIN plowed in from a ruck by left post. SAM good again. SCORE 14-3 Kansas

21 minutes - Jayhawks 3rd score from #2 ANDREW SCHMIDT off a ruck 10 meters out, mid right. SAM wide. SCORE 19-3 Kansas

25 minutes - Jayhawks had penalty kick for goal 40 meters out in center of field. SAM just short. Then...Missouri fielded the ball but was called for blocking, giving Kansas a penalty kick on 10 meters center. Kansas toed ball and ran a series of rucks. Missouri awarded a penalty kick on their 5 and kicked back to mid field.

35 minutes - Yellow Card - Missouri player for sassing ref. 20 meters center. SAM for 3 points and good. SCORE 22-3 Kansas

38 minutes - Jayhawks #13 RAMSEY CARTER out with cut forehead


3 minutes - Missouri made a bad pass 5 meters from goal. Jayhawks got 4th score (bonus match point). #7 BLAKE MITTON (captain) gathered ball and dove through posts after a short run. SAM good. SCORE 29-3 Kansas

11 minutes - Jayhawks #10 SAM GASPAROVICH threw long pass to #12 TOM OLIVER who had long run from 25 out, down to goal. He passed to big #5 TOM MITCHELL who plowed in by left post. SAM good. SCORE 36-3 Kansas.

19 minutes - Jayhawks #12 TOM OLIVER ran ball from 30 meters out and fed wing COLE WILLIAMS who scored in right corner. SAM wide on the difficult attempt. SCORE 41-3 Kansas.

24 minutes - Missouri scored from 5 meters out. Kansas called for hands in ruck. Missouri penalty kick was a quick toe and score by left post. Conversion good. SCORE 41-10 Kansas

26 minutes - Tempers flared. Jayhawks #9 JASON FU Yellow Card for hitting offside off a scrum. A comment added to penalty, sending him to Sin Bin.

30 minutes - Missouri Yellow Card for comment. Now both sides playing short.

39 minutes - Jayhawks driving just meters from Missouri goal line. Yellow Card on SAM GASPAROVICH for not releasing and comment.


Well...its a Border War and tempers were hot.

Next Saturday the Jayhawks will be at home against K-State. - Be there!!!

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047 --- Mail to: The Kansas Rugby Foundation Inc. P.O. Box 1182 Lawrence, KS 66044
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