Mar 30, 2019

Jayhawks over Creighton 26-15 at Westwick.

First half Jayhawks have wind.

7 minutes - KU lock Isaak Schmitt had 40 meter run down to goal line. Creighton won a 5 meter scrum and passed to a kicker in goal. Jayhawk scrumhalf Spencer Renfro blocked the attempted kick and senior flankers Alex Blackburn and Ivo Moranski smothered the ball for try. Ivo got credit. Flyhalf Trent Tayrien was good in conversion. SCORE 7-0 KU

14 minutes - a ruck at midfield fed KU fullback Burt Cockley who dummy passed and ran 35 meters for try through uprights. Tayrien good. SCORE 14-0 KU

30 minutes - hooker Neil McCarthy picked up ball from a ruck 15 meters out and scored through uprights. Tayrien good. SCORE 21-0 KU

38 minutes - Creighton had a ruck on KU 22. Went right and had a 3 man overload. Try mid-right. Kick wide. SCORE 21-5 KU.

40th minute - Tayrien rocked a high punt off a penalty kick 22 out from Creighton goal. It landed at 5. KU got ball and did a series of ruck and dives. Tayrien got ball from a ruck and dives to the chalk, but it was called a knock on and the half was over.

Second half

Creighton had wind, but a long stalemate of play with KU generally controlling field position.

30 minutes - Creighton on their own 22, pulled ball from a ruck and kicked high and deep to left side, behind KU backfield. KU mishandled at their 22. Ball flyhacked to 5 and carried out of bounds. Creighton won lineout and scored in left corner. Kick wide. SCORE 21-10 KU

35 minutes- junior tighthead prop David Noble got ball after a 10 phase attack and ran for score 10 meters out. He was midright of posts. Tayrien was wide. SCORE 26-10 KU

40 minutes - Creighton passed through backs to left and scored in left corner. Kick wide. FINAL SCORE 26-15

Photos of game tomorrow.

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047 --- Mail to: The Kansas Rugby Foundation Inc. P.O. Box 1182 Lawrence, KS 66044
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