Mar 4, 2018


Kansas tops Missouri 13-12 in Merit Table
March 3, 2018 @ Westwick

This wasn’t a “match” any more than “High Noon” is just a cowboy movie. We need a bigger word.

Both of these teams want to be in the national playoffs and have been working their way through their conference matches for a year in a lead–up to what happened today.

There were some great tangent stories…

Kansas had their whole team on the field warming up more than two hours in advance of the match and the arrival of Missouri. (Can you alumni of years past remember waiting for your stragglers to show by game time?)

Ed Russell, (Ryan’s dad) did a call out to Kansas player’s parents and had a good-sized crowd of mom’s and dad’s fed and partying on the midfield sideline. - The players loved it.

Over 200 more showed up to cheer. - It was the biggest sideline crowd since the 50th anniversary game in 2014.

A former Eagle was the ref.

No…Today was more than a “match”.

The weather was sunny, in the low 60’s, and with a 15 MPH wind out of the south. The Jayhawks had the first half tail wind.

3 minutes – Kansas awarded a penalty kick 5 meters out of Missouri’s goal, near the posts. Fullback JACK “MARTY” YOUNG went for posts.
SCORE 3-0 Kansas

28 minutes – Kansas was on the Missouri 22 and passed the ball left through their entire backfield and into the hands of COLE WILLIAMS, their freshman wing from Parker Colorado, who last year was a Colorado High School All-State rugby back. Williams downed the ball in the left corner. YOUNG’s extra points attempt was wide.
SCORE 8-0 Kansas

30 minutes – Missouri awarded a penalty kick on Kansas’ 20 and at first appeared they would try for posts. They reconsidered and instead toed the ball and attacked wide and got to the Jayhawks goal line. The Jayhawks got the ball back and kicked it back up field; away from trouble.

35 minutes – Kansas awarded a penalty kick 25 meters out from Missouri’s goal and left of posts. YOUNG went for posts, but his ball hit high on the upright and fell straight down into the field of play. The Jayhawks swarmed the ball and for the next minutes Kansas was pounding the Missouri goal line. Missouri got the ball and punted up field and out of play, ending the half.
SCORE at half 8-0 Kansas

Second Half –

4 minutes – Missouri’s backfield worked the ball out and got a breakaway into the right side of the Kansas goal, but when the Tiger attempted to down the ball, he lost control and ricochet it off swarming Jayhawks and the ball was obscured. The ref brought the ball out for a 5 meter scrum for Missouri, who quickly scored mid-right of the posts. The Missouri kicker went for the conversion using a drop kick and was short.
SCORE 8-5 Kansas

7 minutes – Kansas drove down to the Missouri goal line and was pounding. Missouri retrieved possession and punted out to the 22 meter sideline.

18 minutes – Missouri won a scrum 22 meters from the Kansas goal and broke through with a run that scored by the right post. Missouri’s drop kick conversion was good.
SCORE 8-12 Missouri takes lead.

32 minutes – Kansas had a lineout on the Missouri 5 meter line. Kansas 2nd row, RYAN HARRIMAN (former Florida All-State rugby 2nd row) noted that Missouri did not have his other 2nd row TANNER SHIMEC covered in the lineout and called for the ball. Shimec pulled down the ball and the Petaluma California player was swarmed by his Kansas pack, who turned the lineout to a maul, driving like a wedge into the Missouri goal, where Shimec downed the ball in the right corner. YOUNG’s attempt was short against the wind.
SCORE 13-12 Kansas re-gained the lead.

See the photo with this story. - You can see Shimec holding the ball inside his protective bubble of Jayhawks, as they drive into the Missouri goal for the win.

The above summary does not do justice to the game’s quality of play. There was terrific play; controlling and passing the ball. The tackling by both teams was relentless. - It was a collision of two rugby powerhouses.

Westwick Rugby Complex, E 1094 Road, Lawrence, KS, United States 66047
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