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About The KJRFC



HISTORY – The Jayhawks have a well-known tradition in rugby. We have fielded a fall and spring team since 1964 and are the oldest club in the region along with Kansas City RFC.


WINNING TRADITION – Kansas Rugby played for the National D1AA Title of American College Rugby on April 30, 2022, losing a very close final to Fresno State in Arlington, TX' Choctaw Stadium. The Jayhawks qualified for the National College Playoffs in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022 (2021 playoffs cancelled due to pandemic). The team has been one of the strongest in the region for most of its long history.


THE BI-ANNUAL TOURS – The opportunity to go around the world on rugby tours is something unusual to the Jayhawks and should be a terrific reason for a KU student to play rugby. We have traveled internationally since 1977 and have former Jayhawk players in the countries we visit that assist in setting up the tours.


CLUB OWNS THEIR OWN GRASS PITCHES – That is unusual in the sport in America and there are many advantages. The field is set up specifically for rugby. We can play there no matter what the weather conditions and without competition from other sports.


OLD BOYS (ALUMNI) - The infrastructure is exceptionally strong. The actively involved alumni of past Jayhawk players are people with higher incomes and run companies now. They say that playing rugby at KU was one of their best decisions. – We have had 2nd and 3rd generation KU players.


501(C)3 CHARITY – The club has its own charity “The Kansas Rugby Foundation, Inc.” which supports the maintenance of the rugby facility and the basic needs to the rugby club.


ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA & QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER – The club provides a window into its on-field activity for players, parents, and friends with actively managed Facebook and Instagram pages which follows the season like a newspaper. It also has a quarterly newsletter that covers the team with a pre-season and post-season summary in an on-line magazine format. - It’s far more coverage than you see with any other area rugby clubs.


KU STUDENT ABROAD PROGRAM – A student at KU can go abroad to a rugby-playing country and spend a semester or a year going to school there. KU is uniquely positioned to provide that to a college player. Foreign students also regularly come and play for the Jayhawks.


ACADEMIC ADVISOR – Our KU Faculty Advisor is available to help students with courses and study resources.


Trainer – The club has a professional trainer for first aid needs during all home games.

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